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Welcome to wesoneedsleep your one stop shop for anything concerning the honors classes for the Class of 05. Make sure to pimp this community out to your friends and have them get a LiveJournal. But lets keep this within our class group please.


How do i join this sucker anyways?

To join this community make sure that you
a) have a livejournal. Click here to get one.
b) click the "join this community" link on the info page. Found HERE
c) wait until your Friendly Mod approves your request and voila!

Thats all well and good, but what do i do here?

Now this is to be a tool in helping us survive this year mostly intact. This is not the place to scan your homework and post it. If you would like the "compare answers" thats great. But this community does not endorse out right cheating. Be creative and careful ;-)

What do i say?

You may post anyhthing you'd like. Links to helpful info, requests for help, schedules, etc.

I had a really exciting/terrible/fun/scary/dangerous/sticky day! can i share?

Unless it is directly to do with this community it would be better posted on your personal Livejournal.

I loooove writing a LOT of stuff when i post. Whole essays and stuff... is that a problem?

Kinda, while we appreciate your fervor and voracity, we would also appreciate that you imploy cut-tags whenever possible. learn more about cut-tags and other helpful things HERE!

I am a horribly inept person and cannot do anything by myself help me PLEASE!

Well thats not really a question, but if you do have any questions feel free to e-mail your friendly Mod. thegalallama aka Gala at thegalallama at livejournal dot com, visit the Official LiveJournal FAQ HERE! Or comment to this post.

Do you have a problem with capitalization/punctuation/etc ?

*shifty eyes* maaaaaybe...
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