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Chapter 2

1.An object can accelerate while traveling at a constant speed, but not a constant velocity because changing the direction of a moving object causes it to accelerate, hence changing the velocity but not the speed.

2.It's acceleration is 0 because there is no change in its velocity

3. Neither has a greater acceleration because their change in speed is 10km/h for the same time interval

4.a) the speed reading would increase by 10m/s
b) the speed readings would increase by 20m/s because gravity is the force that causes the acceleration

5. The readings would increase with time because the acceleration causes it to travel more over the same amount of time

6. a) it decelerates by 10 m/s
b) the speed increases 10 m/s
c) it takes the same amount of time to go up and come back down.
7. It is 5m because the object was not traveling at 10 m/s for the whole time, it reached that speed at the end of 1 sec.

8. a) 10(10s)=100 m/s
b) [50m]/10s = 50m/s
c) it will travel 500m

9. The speed would be 20 m/s

10. It would need to be thrown at 50 m/s

There we have it. Chapter 2 of the Physics Summer assignment. Remember, for every action there is an equal but opposite critisism.
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